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Blow off steam

at the top of the dance fitness

Put your sense of rhythm to the test with this fitness dance concept by Les Mills.

Head to your Pur(e) fitness center in Champel where the best coaches in Switzerland await you for a very cardio session of Bodyjam ™. On the program: 55 minutes of pure pleasure to live on hype dyjam playlists at the top of the dance fitness

bodyjam danse filles

To exercise
without realizing it

Bodyjam ™ is so playful that the feeling of effort is masked by the pleasure of dancing. And yet, your whole body moves, from top to bottom.

The sequences of steps, techniques, totally capture your mind and make you forget everything else. Carried away by the music, you escape while your silhouette firms up session after session.

Pros: improved coordination and posture. Other dance classes to practice in your fitness center in Geneva Champel: Zumba® and pole dance.

Vary the pleasures

Every 3 months, the choreographies of Les Mills courses evolve. Bodyjam ™ thus sees its sequences varied to give you always more pleasure while guaranteeing you an optimal progression. The best !


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