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Blow off steam

A mix of yoga, Pilates and Gi-Gong

Created by a professional dancer, this amazing fitness concept promises to reconcile body and mind.

Its secret? A mix of targeted postures associated with breathing and relaxation techniques. All in cardio mode to give rhythm!

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The benefits of BodyArt
On the mind and on the body

Inspired by Chinese medicine, this course affects the balance of yin and yang. The sensation of well-being is felt from the first sessions thanks to its positive effects it has on stress.

As a bonus, the flexibility improves while one gains in endurance and in strength. But that’s not all since BodyArt promotes better stability and more precise coordination. What else?

Effective for back pain

A BodyArt course includes many sequences that mobilize the spine. Great for those who suffer from back pain! BodyArt: a course to practice without delay in your Pur(e) fitness club in Geneva Champel.

Complementary activities
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