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Fitness workout and bodybuilding : Update on 5 misconceptions

Can we train every day in the gym, should a woman avoid weight training to stay slim, do we have to suffer from body aches to get results? The gym coach Pur(e) in Geneva Champel lifts the veil on 5 stubborn prejudices.

Going to the gym daily: effective or counterproductive?
™ on Monday, Bodypump™ on Tuesday, Boxing on Wednesday… having this type of intense fitness class every day is not necessarily a good idea. Whatever the objective (muscle gain, weight loss, performance, etc.), the muscles benefit from a real recovery time that allows them to regenerate and develop.

The right pace? 2 to 3 sports sessions per week form a solid foundation. Another tip: target different muscle groups at each session to avoid injury and alternate, if you want to train more often, soft activities (yoga, Bodybalance™), strengthening (Bodypump™, Bodysculpt…) and cardiovascular (Sprint™, RPM™…).

Bodybuilding: are women likely to end up with a bodybuilder body?
Ladies, rest assured. There is very little chance of turning into a bodybuilder if you do not adopt a specific diet with very restrictive weight training. On the contrary, female bodybuilding, when practiced correctly, makes it possible to firm up, shape and refine the silhouette in a particularly harmonious way.

The right combo to get results: lift light loads on long series (at least 12 to 15 repetitions). Also to be practiced: fitness classes focusing on muscle building (Bodypump™, Bodysculpt, Grit™).

Aches after exercise: a guarantee of efficiency?
When you suffer more than your neighbor from Pilates or Strala yoga classes, you console yourself by saying that you have done the exercises better. That the effects will be more visible. It’s very disappointing but… the coach is formal on this point: body aches do not embody a guarantee of effectiveness.

They vary from person to person and depend on the specifics of each person’s body. They can also be linked to the performance of an unusual movement. So there’s no point in rejoicing. To avoid them, we practice stretching at the end of the session and we think of drinking abundantly.

Fitness and sweating: better with or without?
Like aches, we imagine that a session during which we strongly sweat would be more effective. True or false ? It is still a question of difference in constitution between subjects.

Some sweat from the first efforts while others remain dry for the long haul. Nothing to do with the efficiency of the session. Do: hydrate before, during and after exercise to make up for the water loss.

Six pack: nothing like targeted exercises on the abdominal belt!
False! To reveal concrete abs, it’s best to start by erasing the fat that covers them. Cap calorivorous fitness classes such as Bodypump™, boxing or Sprint™). To do in addition: review your diet and strengthen in depth through sheathing exercises.

Any other questions about fitness, health, fitness or bodybuilding? Do not hesitate to take advice from fitness the Pur (e) Sport Club experts in Geneva Champel!

Photo Credit : Alain Rico – Texts : Skom.

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