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Muscle Strengthening

Boxing :
boxing and its benefits by Pur(e)

Your Pur(e) fitness center in Geneva Champel offers several home fitness concepts. In this line, the boxing activity has been designed by a professional boxer to wake up your body. This mix of boxing, kick boxing and Thai boxing promises thrills to challenge you.

Good to know: no direct hit, only gloves are targeted.


boxing homme femme gants

Boxing workshops
in 3 rounds

Boxing consumes a lot of energy! Taught by the best fitness specialists of the moment, this exclusive concept challenges you as soon as you warm up with a jump rope session.

Then follow boxing workshops and 3 rounds of 2 minutes each. Objective: perfect your footwork and learn to chained the moves with dexterity. New sensations guaranteed!

A maximum of calories burnt

Between the skipping rope, rapid and incessant movements and blows, boxing proves to burn a lot of calories.

Integrated with an individual fitness program, it boosts weight loss and contour at all levels. Pros: endurance, coordination and motor skills improve. Amazing.

Complementary activities
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