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Sport and health : Can you train with a cold ?

Stuffed nose, throat burning and sneezing must they prevent you from working out at the beginning of 2019? The answer of your Pur(e) Sport Club gym in Geneva is now and … it depends!

Yes to fitness (Zumba®, yoga Strala, RPM™ …) if and only if …
If the cold seems benign because you don’t have a fever, the coach does not see any major contraindication to practice your favorite fitness class. But choose concepts of moderate intensity (yoga, stretching, Pilates) and to avoid getting a full cardio work out.

Clearly, if you are more boxing or Grit™, forget the fitness session for now. To do: listen to your body and do not force yourself if you feel breathless, tired or weak.

No to a fitness session if …
If the common cold symptoms are accompanied by chills, fatigue and / or body aches, be careful and apply the precautionary principle. Check your temperature to detect a fever which is a warning of infection.

In this case, do not hesitate, forget about your Zumba® class and … go to bed. Good to know: in case of fever, a sustained effort weakens the body. Don’t work out as to resume sport as soon as possible and in full form!

The action of sport on the body
We hear a lot about the benefits of regular physical activity on health. Remember that, whatever the activity practiced (fitness, bodybuilding, stretching…), sport prevents the risks of serious diseases (physical and mental).

What to do: Work out each week as part of a varied fitness program to strengthen your immune system while promoting quality sleep and boosting energy.

Need more sports, health, slimming tips? Appointment in your gym Pur(e) Sport Club in Geneva Champel for a complete personalized assessment!

Photo Credit : Unsplash – Texts : Skom.

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