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The best to feel well

The Pur(e) fitness selection brings you the most effective and sought-after concepts of the moment.

Visit the room dedicated to the planning activities of your Pur(e) fitness center in Geneva Champel to experience the best in balance.

Mix of Pilates, Tai Chi and Yoga, Bodybalance ™ promises serenity combined with advanced muscle building.

bodybalance femme bras posture

Why choose
this activity?

Bodybalance ™ is one of the most famous Les Mills concepts. Ultra-choreographed, this combination of Zen and Pilates specializes in one course all their benefits.

The plus: it is taught by the best Swiss coaches certified in Les Mills. The assurance of living 60 unforgettable minutes!

Good for your body and … your mind.

Thought to bring you a maximum of well-being, Bodybalance ™ acts on several levels. It all starts with a background work on breathing associated with deep cladding exercises. Concentration and refocusing improve over sessions with sequences that change every 3 months during essential relaunchings.

Don’t wait to try it out!


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