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Muscle Strengthening

the best of biking

Your Pur(e) fitness center in Geneva Champel invites you to its cycling studio for an RPM ™ session led by the most experienced specialists.

High-tech bicycles, festive atmosphere and pure intensity on the program!

rpm velo biking homme femme

A formidable

It’s on a bike equipped with a knob to screw-unscrew to adjust the intensity of the effort as you walk mountain passes and challenging trails.

Excited by the music and encouragement of the coach, you don’t have time to think about the energy spent that you already have another cardio peak.

And this race against the clock is paying off as the RPM ™ is one of the most calorific concepts of Les Mills!

To shape the lower body

Calves, legs, thighs and buttocks … the whole lower body gets reshaped with the RPM ™. As a bonus, your stamina improves while calorie consumption acts as a fat-burning device.

Perfect for completing an individual fitness or slimming program!

Note: RPM ™ sees its playlist and choreography evolve every 3 months.

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