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How to muscle your thigs without getting volume ?

Firm, toned thighs, yes. But how do you avoid bigger ones? Deciphering the best methods with the fitness and bodybuilding expert.

Fitness classes designed to target the thighs
With fitness concepts combining muscle strengthening and cardio effort, there is no risk of bigger thighs! Safe values in this area? Biking lessons that tone up to the extreme while the cardio component melts fat and avoids excessive mass gain. To test: the RPM™ and the Sprint™.

Another discipline that we rarely think of, boxing and its footwork that tones while developing endurance. And also: more general fitness classes such as Bodypump™, Bodysculpt or Pilates which strengthen the whole body and develop a more or less discreet curve depending on the weight used.

Weight training machines: good or bad idea?
The logical reflex to tone a particular area of the body, consists of spinning on the weight training platform to isolate the muscle concerned. With the fear, however, of seeing the muscle group get bigger to the bodybuilder physique. Not everyone’s taste!

To avoid the oddity, the expert explains the following thing to us: “The weight used, the number of series carried out as well as the recovery time make all the difference“. Clearly, to get more muscle mass, we put on heavy weights and series of less than 12 repetitions with long recovery times. Logically, it’s the opposite when it comes to tone but not volume. Light loads and series of 15 movements are essential.

The must: follow the series as quickly as possible in order to boost the cardio to accelerate the melting of fat and limit muscle gain. To test: the training circuit.

The weight machines to adopt to work the thighs
Abductor and adductor machines
are the machines. Their advantage? They target the inner thighs and sides, specifically the small and medium buttocks. This magic duo allows you to work the entire upper part of the thighs in complementarity. A must!

To stimulate the front of the thigh (quadriceps), head to the leg extension machine while the press targets absolutely all the muscles of the leg, glutes included depending on the position adopted. Please note: the back must remain flat against the backrest to avoid pain.

Reminder: light loads handled in the context of long series (15 to 20 repetitions) do not cause significant volume gain.

Photo Credit : Freepik – Texts : Skom.

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