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Muscle Strengthening

Bodysculpt :
the activity that shapes the silhouette

Go to your fitness center in Geneva Champel for a Bodysculpt session. This legendary concept is taught by the best coaches specialized in the discipline.

Calves, thighs, glutes, pecs, biceps … all your body will benefit from it. To integrate urgently in your personal program form, thinness or curve!


bodysculpt femme poids

Why choose
Bodysculpt ?

It’s fun because of its group practice and music, Bodysculpt guarantees you fitness and fitness at the top. It is also a fitness activity of choice for weight loss.

Involved, the cardio / muscle strengthening mix that acts as a fat-burning device. The choreographies movements of Bodysculpt really have a sculpting effect on the whole silhouette.

For even more efficiency

To further sharpen the effectiveness of your fitness and slimming program, the coach advises you to add targeted fitness concepts.

CX Worx ™ or CAF for the abs, waist and thighs, or RPM ™ and Sprint ™ for the lower body.

Complementary activities
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