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Beyond the traditional sports club, Pur(e) Sport Club stands out thanks to a wide choice of activities at the forefront of fitness. In constant pursuit of innovation, Pur (e) Sport Club offers a wide range of group lessons to meet all your needs. For gentle and well-being activities, choose Yoga, Pilates or BodyArt ! Want more intense sessions ? Choose the boxing, biking and BodyPump classes ! More oriented to dance activities ? On the program: Zumba, Bodyjam or Pole dance ! And this is just a foretaste of course planning at Pur (e) Sport Club …

And if you are not passionate about group lessons, Pur (e) Sport Club offers a complete set of services and activities: personalized session, personal training, small group training, solo training …. Choose the training that suits you. Our team of fitness experts will accompany you in each of your sessions.

Bonus : your membership card gives you access to all the training areas, activities of the group lesson planning and a whole range of new services. Also enjoy all the events and happenings organized by your club.

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