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Blow off steam

experience pure pleasure dancing

Lovers of Latin rhythms, salsa, merengue and other “caliente” specialties, go to your Pur(e) fitness center in Geneva Champel for a memorable session of Zumba®!

Festive, colorful, friendly, fun … the famous fitness dance promises new sensations.

zumba femmes groupe danse

Pure Fun
and Pleasure

Led by the most qualified coaches in the field of fitness dance, a session of Zumba® at Pur(e) literally wake up the cardio. A good point to improve breath and endurance while moving your body on furious tempos.

The discipline stimulates the whole body, from the bottom up, in movements of rhythmic undulations and sequences of specific steps.

More Dance

Convinced by Zumba®, would you like to try other dance classes? Every week, your Pur(e) fitness center in Geneva offers you pole dance and Bodyjam ™ sessions.

To integrate into your training program for maximum pleasure and efficiency!

Complementary activities
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