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Muscle Strengthening

the essential activity

Want to complete your individual fitness or slimming program with a fun and effective activity? Discover Bodypump ™ in your fitness center Pur(e) in Geneva Champel.

Punchy and intense cardio, this recognized discipline is a formidable recipe to help with weight loss and to sharpen stamina. Fitness sensations guaranteed!

bodypump femme barre gants

To reshape
your body

The secret of Bodypump ™? No less than 800 repetitions of muscle building movements in one course. All in music and under the instructions of one of the best coaches specialist of the discipline.

Thanks to its cardio component, Bodypump ™ acts like a fat burner while the frantic pace of the session takes you on, leaving you no time to think about the efforts made.

A new choreography every 3 months

Bodypump ™’s choreographies evolve each trimester as part of festive revivals and very show demonstrations.

Also try out in your fitness center: Les Mills Grit Series ™, Bodysculpt, Pilates.

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