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Fitness Check-up : Discover the personalized assessments by Pure Sport Club !

17 . 07 . 19

The fitness center of Geneva Champel offers no less than 70 fitness activities every week and you hesitate on which class (Zumba®, Boxing, Pilates …) to take?

The personalized assessment offered is made to achieve that! Ultra-complete, it allows to evaluate your level of fitness shape and to decide the actions to put in place to achieve the slimming, shape and / or performance objectives that you have set. The coach’s explanation

Appointment with a fitness expert
There is no mystery. To lose weight, sculpt your figure or boost your performance, the tailored approach is a must. And to put the odds on your side, nothing like a sports specialist coach (fitness, bodybuilding, functional) and impedance measurement.

Physical characteristics, lifestyle, mental, objectives, personal tastes … all the criteria are the subject of a fine analysis.

Your gym debut: 3 steps to get started
After a first interview to see your sporting habits, food, your pace of life and your goals, the coach goes to Step 2 with an assessment of your fitness level. Forget the balance and the traditional weighing, it is the evaluation of the impedance meter that your body is subjected. What is the share of water, muscle, fat in your body?

This initial test, which often holds surprises, focuses on the fitness action plan to be implemented to achieve results. In parallel, you perform physical tests to assess your ability in endurance, strength, flexibility …

Once the coach has all of these data, he creates the right synergy between your goals, your desires and your physical capabilities of the moment. Your personalized fitness training program is born.

The body report in 3 practical cases
1/ The impedance metric analysis reveals a share of water greater than average in your body. In parallel, you’ve been suffering from the presence of cellulite for years.
These two elements guide the sports coach on a probable problem of water retention. His recommendation? Courses that have a draining effect (Bodybalance™, stretching …) and target the lower body (CAF, CX Worx™, RPM™).

2/ Second case, you enrolled in the gym to lose weight, convinced to be overweight due to a flaccid belly and soft buttocks. The results fall: your fat mass is tiny, prompting the coach to offer a toning program or even a tightening one but devoid of any slimming approach. So, go to Pilates or Zumba® classes?

3/ Last case, your registration in gym aims for bodybuilding goal. The impedance metric analysis makes it possible, in a scientific way, to verify exactly where you are before starting your personal program and then to follow your progression curve over the year. Accurate and effective!

To enjoy a complete personalized assessment, register quickly at the fitness club Pur(e) Sport Club Geneva Champel!

Photo Credit : Unsplash – Texts : Skom.

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