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Fitness in pur(e)

Try Pure Sport Club

Enhance your fitness experience with Pure Sport Club in Geneva Champel, a luxury fitness that offers you incomparable services !

1 600m2 dedicated to fitness, more than 90 group classes/week taught by coaches, a cardio training zone and a bodybuilding area equipped with state-of-the-art machines and a wellness area with sauna and hammam !

Pur(E) Sport Club An exceptional experience

Enhance your fitness experience in the chic Champel district of Geneva. Let yourself be guided by the only concierge fitness that anticipates your desires while the sports team concocts a sharpest and personalized assessment for a fitness program.

The experience would be incomplete without the Nutri Bar & Food place dimension, lounge space and happenings. At any time, the lounge area offers a cocoon out of time while the food place lends itself to your desires for dietary meals.

And go to the wellness and relaxation area of your club to relax in the steam room or sauna after an intense sport session. An ideal recovery to leave completely relax …

Toutes les actus du club
90 weekly activities

Pole dance, cross training, boxing… Discover the best !

Solo or small group

Access all spaces unlimited and 7d / 7, in the option of your choice.

Expert fitness coaches

Experts at your side to accompany you and reveal your sporting potential.

Functional spaces

Enjoy cardio-work out spaces, bike studio, collective class room at the forefront of fitness !

cours de biking freestyle à Genève

Cardio space & Bodybuilding
1 600 m² of fitness spaces

Light soft, decoration and trendy playlist welcome you upon your arrival on the cardio-training area and on the weight platform of Pure Sport Club. This real fitness playground counts nearly 100 High-tech devices. The complete range, stamped Technogym, features state-of-the-art machines from the Artys range. A must for cardio training and bodybuilding as each device uses the latest technological innovations. There’s no lack in ergonomics, comfort, functionality and aesthetics, making the practice fluid and inspiring. Ideal for surpassing yourself and achieving your goals or performance in record time.

On the cardio training area, sitting or lying bikes, treadmills, elliptical trainers or rowers offer the latest features (TV screens, performance displays, advanced ergonomics …). The weight platform can be divided into different areas (lifting, pulling, functional training, circuit …) and provides members with a complete list of accessories (Kettlebells, dumbbells, free weights …).

Access to the cardio training area and the weight training platform is free.

From 06:30 to 22:00, solo, small group or accompanied by a personal coach.

The studio
More than 90 activities to try out

Pur(e) Sport Club is also more than 90 activities at the forefront of fitness each week. To make the most of this exceptional schedule, nothing better than a classroom worthy of the name. On the program, no less than 200 m² of new spaces to share in a friendly atmosphere. Whether you are BodyArt ™, Bodybalance, Pilates or Zumba®, this flexible space adapts to the discipline. For boxing classes in particular, boxing bags mounted on rails unfold, a helping hand to offer a real boxing gym.

And since they accept all levels of practice, classes are accessible to beginners and experts alike. The choreographies evolve every trimester. Perfect to discover new sensations and escape the monotony! On the teaching side, Pur (e) coaches have skills recognized in their discipline and apply a cutting-edge pedagogical approach.

The pros: the need for perpetual innovation that drives the sports team and its lot of new fitness concepts stamped Pur(e) every year!

A studio of bike
To exceed

Pur(e) invites you to live the ultimate cycling experience in the studio (RPM, SPRINT, biking class)!

Imagine riding the latest bike, determined to make the most of what awaits you. A bike class is an exciting atmosphere. There are about twenty participants fond of extreme sensations. Feet stuck in the pedals, you expect the launch of the playlist with determination.

The coach starts the hostilities with a soft warm-up before going on to the cardio peaks. Taken by the group effect and by the encouragement of the coach, you start thoroughly in what looks like a time trial. You let go, exceeding your limits. Simply exhilarating!


Because it is recommended to finish your training session gently, it’s comfort time at Pur (e) Sport Club.

For this, your club offers a steam room and a sauna for complete relaxation after your sports session.

Breathe, you’re at Pur (e) Sport Club.

Espace fooding & lounge
home sweet home

Because nutrition plays an important role in a fitness program, Pur(e) Sport Club has its own dietary and organic food space.

A la carte, tasty dishes with interesting nutritional properties to enhance the benefits of sport on your body. And for those who prefer to work, the lounge area offers Wi-Fi.

Breath, life is good at Pur(e) Sport Club.

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