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Health : 3 unexpected effects related to the practice of fitness

We know it now. Sport is good for health. But do you really know the effects of a Zumba® or boxing class? The fitness expert Pur (e) Sport Club lifts the veil.

Sport makes you happy!
Do you practice BodyArt, Pilates or yoga? Do you think you have nothing in common with a boxing, Cross Training or pure bodybuilding? lover And yet … the effects of these different fitness specialties, although antipodes, appear similar on one point.

They act directly on morale and make us happy! Like a natural antidepressant, physical activity triggers the secretion of endorphin, the hormone of well-being. Produced during the fitness session, the happiness hormone continues to diffuse into the body for several hours after exercise. We understand better where this pleasant feeling of fullness comes from after a fitness session.

What effects to expect from endorphins?
These miracle hormones are secreted spontaneously during physical exertion. Their anti-stress action works like a powerful anxiolytic capable of overcoming dark thoughts and other worries. Besides, all you have to do is take the test.

Go to your Pur(e) gym with a problem to solve. After a few minutes of Bodybalance™ or Bodysculpt, the effort puts the problem at a distance, bringing perspective and discernment. Other effects of endorphins: they reduce feelings of pain and fatigue. This is why the practice of fitness helps you feel healthy.

Which fitness class to choose?
If physical activity in general (bodybuilding, Pilates, yoga, etc.) activates this well-being button, certain fitness specialties are more effective than others. Thus, endurance sports (Grit™ cardio, RPM™, Sprint™ …) would give better results on the mind.

Notice to solo cardio training enthusiasts: to bear fruit, the practice of the bicycle, the treadmill, the elliptical or the rower must respect a duration of 30 to 45 minutes on a moderate rhythm. To find the fitness course perfectly suited to your goals, go to your Pur(e) Sport Club gym in Geneva Champel!

Photo Credit : Unsplash – Texts : Skom.

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