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Slimming : 7 tips that lightens meals

Without our knowledge, some daily reflexes increase the number of calories ingested during meals. The fitness expert gives us his tips to avoid the food traps that await us.

1 – Share your meal and wait for the feeling of being full
Notice to those who chained the most intense sports activities (boxing, TBC, Sprint™ …) with the aim of losing weight. To avoid wasting this beautiful energy when the moment of the meal comes, adopt the reflex of chewing.

By taking the time to savor food, the message of feeling full has time to arrive safely (20 minutes on average) without having ingested more than what the body needed. A good point to master the number of calories absorbed! The best: take several meals to make a moment of relaxation and conviviality.

2 – Playing on the size of the plates
Take the test! By serving a portion in a large plate and then in a smaller size, you will notice a real difference between the quantities of food ingested. With the same feeling of being full at the end!

The most important thing: to ensure that the daily contributions are respected combine vegetables, cereals, proteins … Avoid: Throwing yourself on your plate taking for alibi the last particularly intense course of Grit Cardio ™.

3 – Avoid the small screen
Whether TV, computer or smartphone, the screens that separate us from here and now during meals must be set aside. And for a good reason, feeding in front of a screen encourages you to consume more food without even realizing it.

Best: take advantage of this break time to think about your fitness and slimming program and adjust your sports training.

4 – Think before you put the bread on the table
When you enjoy a pasta dish after a Bodypump™, you do not need bread. And yet, it often happens that bread appears mechanically on the table. The trap: indulge in compulsive nibbling at the beginning or end of a meal.

5 – Avoid the glass of wine at each meal
We know it. Alcohol harms health and performance. In addition, wine, like other alcohols, increases the number of calories ingested.

To avoid it, nothing like a glass of still water or sparkling water with a drizzle of lemon juice. The detox alternative: green tea that can also be consumed after a Bodybalance™ or yoga class.

7 – Do not force yourself
Because it facilitates water retention and cellulite, salt should be used sparingly. To brighten the most neutral dishes, focus on spices and aromatic herbs.

And if the dimples have already invaded the thighs, buttocks and hips, take a course of CAF or CX Worx in your agenda in addition to fitness activities that boost the cardio.

7 – Ne pas se forcer
When you have a bad conscience about wasting food, you force yourself and consume more calories than your body needs. To avoid throwing food out, the trick is to recycle a portion of your meal, brunch or appetizers. To be savored on Sunday after an intense session on a treadmill!

Need advice sport, health, beauty, thinness? Ask our experts of the Pur(e) Sport Club fitness in Geneva Champel!

Photo credit : Freepik – Texts : Skom.

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