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Should i eat before or after my session ?

Cardio training Genève

Before or after a workout, diet plays a key role. Your Pure coach presents you with his precious tips to manage your meals.

Prepare your body for the effort

The first thing to remember: Adapt the nature of your diet to the activity you practice! Indeed, a class like Sprint does not require the same calorie intake as a Yoga session!

If you want to eat before exercise, we advise you to wait 2 to 3 hours before starting your BodyPump class or spinning with the cardio-bodybuilding area.

The goal is simple: avoid heaviness during your workout and allow the body to assimilate nutrients before exercise. We also advise you to avoid cold meats and pastries. Indeed, they are fatty and sugary foods take time to digest.

Sport recovery: should you eat after the sport?

After a good fitness session, the first thing you need to do is rehydrate yourself! Your body has sweated and lost water, minerals and nutrients.

Drinking water before, during and after the effort must become a habit. This reflex will allow you to keep fit, reduce aches and thus become more efficient over the course of sessions. Energy drinks can also recharge the batteries throughout the effort. Ideal for endurance sports like running.

Regarding the meal “post session”, we recommend a varied diet: carbohydrates, proteins and fats in moderate amounts to refuel energy. Be careful because this is the time when you will rebuild the stocks used during the session. Any difference can cancel all the work done!

Need a customized fitness advice or program? Make an appointment with one of our expert coaches who will give you a complete personalized assessment in order to set your fitness goals.

Photo credit : Freepik – Texts : Pure Sport Club

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