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the power of shaping

Your Pure Coach introduces you to Pilates, this ultra-complete concept that has the power to strengthen the body in depth. Its inventor, Joseph Pilates, promised a brand new body after 30 sessions.

Try in your fitness center in Geneva Champel to enjoy its many benefits!

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6 founding

True philosophy, pilates is based on six principles: breathing, gesture control, fluidity, precision, centering and concentration.

All these elements are indeed necessary for the realization of the technical postures of the discipline. Another specificity of Pilates: constant muscle contraction, especially on the abdominals which acts as a deep reinforcement work.

Perfect for toning and shaping the whole body!

Amazing Results

Perfect as part of a complete fitness program, Pilates promises you profound results, a postural improvement and a contour of every muscle group.

Another unsuspected benefit: the mass effect of the discipline on the organs and the action of revitalization of the blood circulation.

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