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Fitness Geneva : The top classes to be practiced in 2019

05 . 01 . 19

In this good resolutions period, we set goals for the New Year. Lose weight, build muscles, get rid of stress… And to do this, we choose the class that fits us. Bodypump™, boxing or yoga? The coach explains the fitness activities to practice to reach your goal in 2019.

4 fitness classes to slim down
Want to lose weight? Take fitness classes that combine cardiovascular and muscle strengthening. And for good reason, this formidable mix allows to burn a maximum of calories while firming and shaping the musculature. The best? The Bodypump

This concept LesMills based on the principle of the repetition of movements allows to sculpt the body without taking volume thanks to the use of light weights.

Another course to practice to lose weight: Bodysculpt, boxing, Grit™. If you like a solo sport, you head to the weight training platform for a workout like circuit training.

4 fitness classes to break free from stress
The right reflex to face the looming New Year? Schedule a Bodybalance™ class now every week! The Les Mills concept alone combines the benefits of Pilates, yoga and Tai chi.

Also to be tested: the anti-stress yoga class by Pur(e) and the energy yoga class to recharge one’s batteries. Good to know for dynamic yoga enthusiasts: the Geneva Champel gym offers strala yoga classes.

5 fitness classes to sculpt your body
Looking for a curved body? To reshape your body, we put on muscle training courses targeted zone by zone. We get a wasp waist with CX Worx™, buttocks with a CAF course and we sculpt the whole body with Pilates.
To practice also: RPM™ and Sprint™ to reshape legs and thighs.

6 fitness classes to let off steam
Energy to spare? We head for the class room for a boxing session. On the agenda: rounds of the punchy genre, punching bag sessions that will help you in every way and skipping rope training that mobilize body and mind in the effort. Extreme!
Also to test: Grit Cardio™, RPM™, Sprint™, Strala yoga, Zumba®.

To test all these advanced fitness concepts, go to your gym Pur(e) Sport Club in Geneva Champel.

Photo credit : Unsplash – Texts : Skom.

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