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Shape : 5 errors to avoid for pretty buttocks

We all dream of firm and shapely glutes. But what fitness training to adopt to reach the goal? The fitness expert lists the pitfalls that should be avoided.

Always do the same muscle building movements
Whether on the weight training platform or in the functional space, we play with diversity. The fitness expert explains: “Routine is the worst enemy of the muscle that needs to be shocked by new exercises to react and tone up”.

In conclusion: we forget the copy-paste sessions and we show our imagination by alternating polyarticular movements (squats, lunges, etc.), sheathing, training on fitness equipment and targeted group lessons (Abs, TBC™, RPM™, etc.).

Target only the glutes
Although it may seem logical, working only on the glutes is not a good idea. To develop a harmonious figure through sport, the fitness expert advises to also stimulate the thighs (front and back) at least.

And for those looking to lose volume, nothing like the practice of group lessons combining cardio effort and muscle strengthening (Bodypump™, Bodysculpt, Cross Training…).

Bet everything on fitness equipment
Generally based on the principle of muscle isolation, fitness equipment works in an ultra-targeted manner. An asset to reshape your body zone by zone which should however be supplemented by the practice of more complete exercises. The must: organize your fitness session in the form of a circuit combining equipment and unguided exercises.

Avoid weights for fear of gaining too much muscle mass
When it comes to bodybuilding, women are generally afraid of gaining muscle mass. They therefore avoid heavy loads during their fitness training. It’s wrong!

To transform yourself into a body builder, you would need an ultra-sharp diet combined with professional training. It is therefore unnecessary to deprive yourself of the effectiveness of weights to wake up firming and shaping the muscles. Note: bodybuilding acts as a formidable fat burner when the session is conducted on a fast pace.

Take very long breaks between exercises
The longer the break stretches, the less calories you burn. It’s mathematical. To get results, you have to stay focused on the effort. Doing strength training exercises in a cardio mode is guaranteed to burn as much energy as possible.

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Photo Credit : Freepik – Texts : Skom

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