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Good reasons to work out at lunch time

21 . 08 . 19

Get up early to get to the gym? Too difficult for you. As for dancing Zumba® after a grueling day, don’t even think about it! The ideal solution? Sport at lunch time. The fitness expert tells us why it’s a good idea.

The benefits of sports at lunch break
Should I take a Bodypump™ or bodybuilding class at lunch time? Yes definitely! Limited timing, it becomes particularly effective. No dead time, no chitchat, time is sport and performance.

Another advantage and not the least, the fitness session really cuts with the day’s work. Result: a boost of energy to start the afternoon in great shape.

What fitness program for a 45 minutes break?
How to optimize 45 minutes of shower break included? By choosing an intense and concentrated activity on a mini format. On the collective course side, the CX Worx™ and its 30-minute slot are suitable for practice.

You can also choose a running session split on treadmills or for a session targeted bodybuilding. The instructions of the fitness expert: when we only have 45 minutes to train, we prepare our class well before and we know perfectly what circuit we will achieve.

What fitness program for a 1 hour break?
Since collective activities usually last 45 minutes, a break of 1 hour is a bit of an ideal time for a sports club session. On the other hand, you can rely on concepts designed to let off steam when you need to evacuate all your energy (Boxing, Grit Cardio™, Sprint™) or on the contrary, take advantage of this special moment to afford an hour of yoga.

What fitness program for a 1 hour and 30 minutes break?
In 1 hour 30, everything becomes possible. The fitness expert advises to offer a complete circuit training or warm up on a bike, a rower or a treadmill before the group course of his choice. Depends on what you like!

Before or after the session: when should you have lunch?
Of course wait until the end of the session for lunch. If you need a little energy to start a physical activity, the fitness expert recommends eating fresh fruit, dried fruits or a cereal bar.

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Photo Credit : Alain Rico – Texts : Skom.

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