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Muscle Strengthening

the winning fitness trio

Slendered thighs, a flat and muscular belly, curved glutes … that’s what this recognized fitness activity promises you.

Taught in Geneva Champel by the most famous coaches, CAF promises new sensations and results.

caf homme femme pompes


At the same time technical and playful, the CAF is practiced on the ground and with music, under the instructions of the coach. Each exercise targets a part of the body by isolating the muscle. This is the secret of his formidable efficiency.

The thighs burn while the glutes contract. Strengthening efforts, maintained over time, strengthen and shape the different areas. Intense sensations wise, the CAF promises you aesthetic results visible after a few weeks of practice.

Try it too

For those in a hurry, the Pur(e) fitness center in Geneva offers a compact and revisited version of the CAF: CX Worx ™.

This concept Les Mills concentrates all the benefits of CAF and more on an express format of 30 minutes.

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