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Sport and lithotherapy : 4 stones to boost our performance

22 . 01 . 20

This week, the sports coach is interested in an alternative natural method to improve our form and our fitness results: lithotherapy AKA health by stones. Fantasy or reality?

Health through stones: what is it?
is based on the use of semi-precious or precious stones to improve our physical and mental health. Each stone would diffuse a specific energy variable according to the minerals and more or less effective according to the individuals.

The fitness trainer Pur(e) sheds a light on the stones whose virtues promise us results on our sports performance and on our silhouette.

1 / The tiger eye: a natural stone for building muscle
Is your fitness program aimed at building muscle mass? Adopt the tiger eye! This beautiful stone with fawn reflections is known for its ability to tone and strengthen the body. And in addition to the muscle building boost, the tiger eye would help avoid side stitches.

To wear as a pendant, bracelet or in the pocket during a personal training session or during muscle building (Bodypump™, Bodysculpt, Cross Training…).

2 / Rutile quartz: a natural stone to lose weight
This transparent stone contains golden filaments in its heart, which are called the hair of Venus. Poetic but not only! Reputed to be effective in burning fat and erasing recalcitrant dimples, it would provide resistance to effort and strength. Ideal for carrying out a challenging fitness and slimming program!

To do: combine cardio efforts and muscle strengthening to trigger and intensify weight loss.

3 / Lapis lazuli: a natural stone to refocus
We knew Pilates and yoga but we rarely think of lapis lazuli to improve our ability to concentrate. And yet, this deep blue stone promises to enhance the benefits of a Bodybalance™ class or meditation session. To be tested when you start to feel tremors of internal stress.

4 / The bull’s eye: a natural stone to protect against low back pain
Similar in appearance to the tiger’s eye, this stone would improve joint flexibility and relieve the back. Energizing, it would also promote endurance. A good point for cardio trainers!

Photo Credit : Unsplash – Texts : Skom.

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