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Fitness & weight machines: experience Artis by technogym

17 . 10 . 19

The best for fitness, Technogym’s Artis range of fitness and weight machines promises new sensations. Presentation of a fleet of exceptional machines to discover at Pur(e) Sport Club in Geneva.

A brand new club and 90 state-of-the-art fitness equipment
Beyond its total makeover, the Geneva Champel gym has set the benchmark for machine parks. With 45 cardio machines and 43 weight machines from Technogym’s prestigious Artis range, the club offers a fitness experience that combines pleasure, comfort and performance.

Artis: cardio, strength training and functional training of the future
The Artis range is based on the latest technological advances in sports training. Focused on sensation, the brand rides on the highest standards in ergonomics and biomechanics. As a result, you feel so free that the natural movements of the body express themselves unhindered and fluidly, relieved of any equipment.

Fully connected, the range offers a personalized interactive experience and the ability to record performance. Ideal to boost your motivation! Finally, and this does not spoil anything, its sleek and elegant design brings even more pleasure when using devices that are also particularly quiet.

Devices designed for comfort and efficiency
In the cardio area of the gym, the Artis run treadmills give the perfect illusion of outdoor running. A single click triggers acceleration worthy of an outdoor race, amazing! In addition to this intuitive split training option, high-end ergonomics have been designed to maximize user pleasure and performance.

On the side of the weight platform, the devices use a special high density foam padding that conforms to the body shapes, providing comfort and stability. The settings, intuitive, allow a perfect use of the machines and that, whether expert or beginner.

Finally, the Artis Kinesis functional training devices stimulate the body like a cross-training or cross-fit session that will be conducted solo. Unstoppable!

To test this fleet of machines of the future and experiment new fitness activities, go to Pur(e) Sport Club in Geneva Champel!

Photo credit : Technogym – Texts : Skom.

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