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Losing weight with electrostimulation : Myth or reality ?

Wondering if you can lose weight with electrodes? The coach of your Pur(e) gym in Geneva Champel explains the controversial fitness accessory.

Can electrostimulation replace a bodybuilding session?
Abdominal belts and connected electrodes
are on display in sports shops and on fitness, slimming or weight training sites. With the same message: electrodes placed in the right place would, without doing anything, to reshape the body.

From there to pretending that they would be as effective as a Bodypump™ or Pure Sculpt class, there is only one step! On this point, the coach is formal. This device, which is based on the electrical pulse, sends a discharge that artificially contracts and relaxes the target muscle.

Although it can reinforce curves and tonicity, this extremely localized phenomenon doesn’t burn enough calorie to make you lose weight. At best, its draining effect can help with cellulite. Conclusion: losing weight without moving is pure fantasy!

Combine fitness and electrodes: the right mix
To get the most out of the electrostimulation, the coach advises to associate sport and electrodes by targeting well the areas you want to work on. Looking to remodel your abs?

Head the CX Worx™ or CAF course of the Geneva Champel Gym with your abdominal electrostimulation belt. Used during exercise (RPM, TBC, Pilates …), electrostimulation intensifies the effects of muscular movements.

The results are faster and, good news, the electric shocks are less painful than if you wear your electrodes while remaining motionless.

But then, what to do to lose weight?
It has been understood that electrostimulation helps firm and redraw muscles without burning fat. To lose weight, the coach strongly advises to ensure a good food hygiene and combine cardio-vascular efforts and bodybuilding two to three times a week.

To be tested: Bodysculpt, Grit™, TBC courses that combine these two efforts and ultra-calorific fitness concepts such as RPM™, Sprint™, boxing.

Want to test the fitness classes listed in this article? See you in your gym Pur(e) Sport Club in Geneva Champel!

Photo Credit : Scott Webb on Unsplash – Texts : Skom.

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