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Slimming : Should we focus on targeted exercises ?

Are exercises targeted on specific areas effective in losing stomach or slimming the glutes? Not really. The fitness and bodybuilding expert Pur(e) in Geneva explains why and how to best use them as part of an effective work-out.

Losing weight locally: possible with targeted exercises?
We all have our little physical complexes. Thighs a little strong, hips a little oily, belly too large … We dream of being able to refine these parts of our body thanks to fitness equipment that isolates each area or to exercises targeted at a single muscle group. And yet, no fitness or bodybuilding exercise is able to make you lose weight locally.

The right sports routine? Combine cardiovascular effort and muscle strengthening to obtain a slimming effect on the entire silhouette. Example of fitness classes based on this principle: Bodypump™, Bodysculpt™, Cross Training… Also to be tested: HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) training which acts as a formidable fat burner and this, several hours later effort (after burn effect).

How to refine belly, buttocks, thighs in this case?
To finish with the layer of fat that covers certain parts of our anatomy, the coach advises first of all to review the diet. Good food hygiene guarantees almost 50% of the results.

To meditate! It is only after the release of fat, when the scale begins to give evidence of the effectiveness of the program, that the isolation exercises find their usefulness. Ultra-targeted (abdominal belt, quadriceps, glutes …) they tone in depth and shape the muscle. Ideal for sculpting the silhouette point by point!

Beyond weight machines, what courses isolate muscles?
While there are a number of fitness machines designed to target only one area (abductors, quadriceps, abdominals, etc.), certain group lessons stimulate specific muscle groups. This is the case with TBC (thighs, abs, glutes) or Abs (center of the body) which also combines effective cardiovascular work to burn calories.

Fancy a personalized program, looking for tailor-made advice? The fitness Pur (e) Sport Club experts in Geneva Champels are at your service!

Crédit photo : Freepik – Textes : Skom.

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