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Pregnancy and Gym : Can you train when pregnant ?

When pregnant, is it imperative to stop any fitness activity (yoga, BodyArt, Bodybalance™)? The fitness expert sheds a light on everything now!

Physical activity: beneficial during pregnancy?
Unless you have a medical contraindication, fitness professionals advise pregnant women to maintain physical activity. One condition, however, if you want your training at your favorite sports club to pay off: reduce the pace. Prefer soft activities adapted to the body during pregnancy.

Yoga, Bodybalance™, BodyArt, stretching can be practiced as long as we systematically warn the coach who runs the course. This precaution makes it possible to adapt the exercises to the constraints of the body of the pregnant woman.

As for the cardio-training area, it is also possible to use bike-type devices or treadmills in order to preserve your breathing that has been put to a severe test for 9 months.

What benefits do you expect from a sport activity during pregnancy?
Practicing fitness pregnant preserves posture and avoids common low back pain in this period. The volume of blood increases considerably, it is important to maintain your cardiovascular capacity through moderate activity. Another aspect and not the least, moving to stay toned is valuable at the time of birth which is, remember, a physical test of the most intense.

Side line, stay faithful to your training in sports club can limit weight gain and facilitates the return to the initial weight after delivery. Finally, specific disorders related to pregnancy are mitigated by the practice of physical activity. Reducing blood circulation problems, reducing cramps and diabetes risks are some of the benefits of training while waiting for the baby. Plus: the effects of sport on the mother’s mood and the shape of the baby.

Should I avoid certain sports when pregnant?
Be careful not to practice activities involving the risk of falls and strong impacts. Thus, the coach advises to avoid riding, windsurfing, skiing, skydiving and any other sport likely to undermine the health of the future mother and her baby.

Team sports with balloons, tennis, badminton or martial arts are also part of the blacklist during pregnancy. Prefer the soft gym, moderate-intensity activities and relaxation-enhancing sports such as yoga whose breathing techniques help with childbirth.

Need advice, a personalized approach? Our experts in the Pur(e) Sport Club fitness in Geneva Champel are at your disposal!

Photo credit :  Freepik – Texts : Skom.

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