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4 really effective tips to lose some belly fat

Find a flat stomach with some common sense advice developed by the Pur(e) fitness and bodybuilding expert.

1 / Round belly: a question of abs
Over time, if you do not work them, the abs melt and lose tone. To avoid this relaxation which gives the impression of a prominent belly, the fitness expert advises to work on your posture. We stand straight and we enter the belly by sucking its navel in the direction of the spine.

Adopted daily, this posture contributes to the awareness of your abdomen and improves the firmness of the area. In addition, the practice of a sport is essential. Dance, yoga, boxing, Bodypump™ orPilates intensely mobilize the abdominal belt while burning calories and destocking fat. Also to be tested: the cladding which strengthens in depth.

2 / Reflexes that prevent the stomach from swelling after the meal
The secret not to swell after a meal is to eat slowly and to chew. This is to avoid ingesting more food than necessary. As far as your plate is concerned, watch out for raw vegetables that ferment readily, causing uncomfortable bloating.

Finally, eat more fibers (whole grains, cooked vegetables …) and on good hydration to balance its transit. Note: it is recommended to wait several hours after a meal before embarking on a fitness session (cross training, fitness session, bodybuilding).

3 / On your plate: pay attention to the nature and the cooking method of the food
When the fat is located only on the stomach and nowhere else, we can hope for a flat stomach by losing a few pounds. How ? We start by removing foods that are too fatty, too sweet, too salty. Goodbye sodas, alcohol, industrial dishes and crisps …

In the kitchen, we put on so-called healthy cooking such as steam cooking, in foil or on grill. Objective: limit the use of fat. Finally, the ultimate food advice, it is imperative to avoid starving and you eat your fill by tasting healthy and low-calorie products. Radical!

4 / Losing belly fat when you retain water
A well-known phenomenon among women, water retention is favored by salt. We therefore monitor the amounts ingested and hydrate at will to remove the body’s desire to store.

To do : drink diuretic infusions, green tea and focus on draining fitness disciplines such as yoga or Bodybalance™.

Photo Credit : Alain Rico – Texts : Skom.

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