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Indoor Bike : 5 things not to do

07 . 02 . 20

Are you considering incorporating biking (RPM™, Sprint™) into your fitness program? The sports coach Pur(e) listed the mistakes to avoid when you start indoor cycling. A must!

1 / Do not take care of your posture while cycling
It is not because our fitness trainer is not by our side to correct our position that we should forget the basic rules. On a bike, indoor or outdoor, we say goodbye to a round back, outstretched arms and tense shoulders.

The right tip? Hold your back straight and lean forward slightly to engage the hamstrings and glutes. Guaranteed sensations at the end of the first course!

2 / Skip the indoor bike setting
If the reflex seems obvious when riding on an outdoor bike (electric or not), you will forget to adjust your spinning bike. And yet, this initial adjustment is crucial to effectively stimulate your body and above all, to avoid tension in your back or shoulders.

To do: ask the sports coach who runs the RPM™ or Sprint™ course for a saddle and handlebar demonstration.

3 / Expect results in a few weeks from RPM ™
Nothing like it to demotivate and lower your morale! If indoor cycling is one of the most calorivorous fitness activities, be careful not to forget that the results on the silhouette depend on many factors. Age, sex, metabolism… each bike practitioner is unique and reacts differently to sports stimuli.

The advice of the personal trainer: give yourself key steps far in time so as not to put pressure on yourself and not to omit the pleasure dimension. We note, however, that after two to three bike sessions in the studio, the first results are felt after a month.

4 / Set the resistance of the bike to the minimum so as not to swell your thighs
This error, frequently made by indoor cycling enthusiasts, reduces the effectiveness of the discipline. Rest assured. The cardio-pedaling combination makes it impossible to gain spectacular muscle mass. The only persistent risk is to end up with ultra-firm, toned and drawn thighs.

The dream in short! The trick to optimize your adjustment: trust your body and look for the feeling of tension in the thighs, a sign that the quadriceps are working.

5 / Match your pace with that of your neighbor of RPM ™ or Sprint ™
Does your neighbor’s flattering figure make you want to pedal together to get a similar body? Fault ! Forgetting your pace, your physical needs and your abilities could dissuade the most motivated of us from taking a second lesson or even lead to injury. The right attitude? Eat a healthy diet and listen to your body during exercise. Simple and efficient !

Crédit photo : Alain Rico – Textes : Skom.

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