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Slimming and flat belly : What really works

Should you choose a targeted fitness class (CX Worx™, CAF), generalist (Zumba®, Grit™, Bodypump™) or simply rely on weight training workouts to sharpen your abs and lose your stomach? The fitness expert Pur(e) in Geneva tells us everything..

First advice from the fitness expert: review your diet
Whether you want to overcome a simple bump, love handles or a good rounded belly, the priority is the same. Start by rethinking your menus to adopt a food hygiene worthy of the name.

Not to mention the diet, balanced meals and taken in peace at regular times associated with snacks such as dried fruit or protein drinks embody a safe bet. To do: chew food well to benefit from all its nutritional benefits, favor organic, fiber and hydrate well.

What exercises to practice to dislodge fat cells?
How to lose belly and get rid of the layer of fat that covers the abdominal strap? Contrary to popular belief, ultra-targeted crunch movements are not a panacea. They lack the intensity required to boost metabolism and activate fat loss.

The right training? Adopt basic bodybuilding exercises performed on a rhythmic fitness rhythm. Clearly, Bodypump™ or Bodysculpt  type courses are cardio / muscle strengthening mixes, directly indicated to refine the shape, abdominal muscles included.

What training to adopt on the weight training platform?
On the weight training platform, the sports coach also advises circuit training type workouts. Burpees, squats and rope jumps follow one another while push-ups and pull-ups follow at the rate of 10 repetitions per movement and 4 series in total.

What is the right methodology for training to bear fruit? Exercises with short moments of rest to associate a cardio component with muscular effort. And also: to reshape waist and abdominal strap, we put everything on targeted courses of Abs, or TBC and sheathing. Objective: to strengthen the transverses which maintain the viscera, ensuring a flat stomach effect.

Need a personalized sports training program? Do not hesitate to take advice from fitness the Pur(e) Sport Club experts in Geneva Champel !

Photo Credit : Alain Rico – Texts : Skom.

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