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Gain strength

a well-being oriented activity

Every week, your Pur(e) fitness center in Geneva Champel offers stretching sessions. More flexibility, better recovery, the benefits of this gentle activity are numerous.

Our coaches, renowned sports experts, give you all the secrets.

stretching femme jambes etirements

A recovery
at the highest level

The stretching exercises designed by our fitness professionals have multiple effects. By stretching the muscles, they cause an influx of blood within it, chasing the toxins that promote aches.

Another advantage: stretching reduces the risk of injury by promoting good muscle recovery. Last but not least, this activity would allow the muscle to grow faster and more significantly. Design for people looking for curves!

When to practice?

The rule, in terms of fitness, is reminded by the coach. It consists of warming up before each workout and ending any session with stretching.


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