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Every morphotype has its fitness training

17 . 06 . 19

Are you rather ectomorphic, mesomorphic or endomorphous? To decrypt your morphological profile and the fitness training that goes with it, read the explanations of the Pur(e) Sport Club coach in Geneva Champel!

Ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph: what is it?
Observe people who train in your gym. Some lose weight after a few Bodypump™ classes while others struggle to shape their glutes and firm up their abs despite their weekly sessions of CX Worx™ and Pilates. What is the difference between these fitness and bodybuilding practitioners?

Their morphotype. It is also the decisive criterion that allows some of us to devour without taking a gram while others put on weight only at the sight of a cake. In conclusion, to boost the efficiency of your works out, no secret, a training adapted to your morphotype will bear fruit for sure!

Good to know: it is possible to belong to two morphotypes, read carefully the following to find out your profile!

The ectomorph: great deal of finesse
The ectomorphic profile is distinguished by its fine and long framework, its graceful and flexible body. Long-limbed, he is usually tall and dry and is one of those who have difficulty gaining weight and muscle. The right fitness training and bodybuilding for the ectomorph?

Full body sports sessions condensed to practice in Grit™ classes or cross-training on the sports club’s weight platform. The point of vigilance: avoid the abuse of cardio training to avoid unwanted weight loss.

Endomorph: stocky kind
Generally of moderate size, the endomorphic type has short limbs which are worth a stocky look. Marked by a tendency to overweight, this profile tends to get fat despite good food hygiene.

Lower limbs and abdominal belt are its weak points that should be tightened and sharpened by mixing exercises of muscle strengthening and cardiovascular work. Classes such as Bodypump™, Bodysculpt or boxing are perfect for the endomorph. To practice too: the workout bodybuilding circuit training.

Mesomorph: rather square shape
In the mesomorph, the body is broad, the shoulders marked, the massive bust and the narrow pelvis. In other words, it is the ideal candidate to practice bodybuilding activities. Not very affected by weight problems, this profile develops very easily its muscle mass without getting tired.

Better, he can get rid of his body fat in just a few fitness classes. Clearly, whatever the physical activity chosen (Pilates, CAF, yoga…), it benefits him 200%. His weakness? A possible lack of flexibility easy to correct through the practice of yoga, Bodybalance™ or stretching.

Want to know more ? Get an appointment in your gym Pure in Geneva Champel!

Photo Credit : Pexels – Texts : Skom.

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