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Silhouette : How long does it take to result ?

When you practice Zumba®, Pilates or TBC intensively, you expect quick results. How soon can we reasonably expect to see the positive effects of sport on the body? Decryption with the fitness expert.

Fitness and food: the essential mix
Did you know? A balanced plate plays up to 60% in the success of a slimming program. Clearly, if Bodypump™ or Sprint™ lessons do not change the shape and tone of your body, consider reviewing your food hygiene.

To favor: fruits and vegetables, legumes, white meats. All, preferably organic. To avoid: the deprivations which often entail a yoyo effect.

Body shape changes after 6 weeks of training
The fitness expert advises a frequency of 3 weekly sessions to obtain visible results quickly. Changes ? They are felt from the first weeks. It’s easier to climb stairs and carry shopping with more ease.

The figure generally attests to sports club sessions after a month and a half. If the mirror does not offer a blatant metamorphosis, it is rather a feeling that makes the difference. Muscle replaces fat cells, causing them to lose volume. The pants seem wider. We feel lighter. Good to know: the most significant changes occur after a period of between 3 and 6 months.

The beginner’s luck in sports and slimming
In terms of fitness and bodybuilding, the effectiveness of the exercises varies according to age, diet, gender and … sports history. When you are just starting out in boxing or Cross Training, the results are visible more quickly than if your body is used to this type of effort.

The good idea: to practice an activity associating cardiovascular effort and muscular strengthening in order to trigger an even faster fat loss. To test: circuit training, Grit™, Pump™, sculpt…

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Photo Credit : Freepik – Texts : Skom.

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