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Slimming goal : how to lose weight in a fitness club?

Finally enrolled in the gym Pur (e) of Geneva Champel, you wonder what is the best training to lose weight? From cardio training to targeted group classes (Bodypump™, Pure Sculpt, RPM™ …) and bodybuilding, our expert fitness coach explains everything.

1 – What cardio workout to lose weight?
It’s well known. Nothing like a good workout of cardio training to burn calories, boost stamina and trigger weight loss. But should one favor one fitness device over another to get good results? According to the coach, it’s a question of purpose.

By choosing the bike (sitting or lying down), the lower body is targeted while the elliptical and the treadmill are more complete. The award goes to the rower, however, who absolutely solicits the whole musculature as part of an ultra-complete effort.

And it shows since beginners struggle to achieve more than 5 minutes of training on this device! Note however that a program combining cardio and muscle strengthening guarantees better results and a harmonious silhouette. To know how to set it up, read on!

2 – Can I lose weight with bodybuilding?
Did you know? A cardio session with a weight training session provides better results. The top: to organize in circuit training so as to carry out exercises of muscular reinforcement (pumps, dumbbells, squats, machines …) on a rhythm.

Advantage of this type of training, it allows to really carve the body by targeting certain areas (abdominal, thighs, buttocks …) and also strengthens the tissues for a toned rendering. The tip of the coach Pure: start with light weights or train with the weight of the body to begin.

The addition of weight is done gradually, according to the evolution and the objectives.

3 – The right mix: fitness classes that combine cardio and bodybuilding
Now that we know the formula – cardio + muscle building = weight loss – focus on group classes that combines this winning combo. Remarkable, the Les Mills Bodypump™ concept is based on the sustained cardio effort and repetitions of muscle building movements with weights.

Targeting the whole body, this fitness class makes it possible to remove the extra pounds in record time while reshaping the body. The best ! In the same spirit, we test Bodysculpt which is distinguished by the use of other accessories (step).

To be tested also: the Grit™ and its mini format of ultra-rhythmic 30 min. The coach’s advice: think about completing the training with targeted fitness classes to tone up some key areas (CX Worx™, CAF) and do not forget about stretching or yoga to increase flexibility.

Want a slimming help, a personal training? The reception of your Pur(e) Sport Club gym in Geneva Champel is at your disposal !

Photo credit: Unsplash – Texts :  Skom.

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