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Personal training Experience the best of customized coaching

Beyond the complete support (sport, dietary, stress management), personal training by Pur (E) adapts in all aspects to your profile. Young mother in rehabilitation, well-trained sportsman in search of performances or city dweller in need of relaxation … Everyone has the appropriate training.


Gym training

Reveal your Potential

Go beyond your limits with an individual program designed for you. After a first personalized assessment (health, nutrition and impedancemetry analysis), the coach directs you on a series of objectives to reach.

The key is a comprehensive action plan, combining group activities and cross-training functional sessions. The pros: a weekly point on your strengths and areas for improvement to work. Wow effect after a few months!

Live: a PT session as if you were there!

Wondering what your first personal training session will look like? After the assessment, the stress test and the implementation of the training program, this initial session aims to wake up the body!

The warm-up first prepares the body before going on a circuit training type training. Encouraged by the coach, you may be surprised to exceed the limits that you had set for yourself.

Individual program
Customized coaching
Customized follow-up
Reaching goals
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