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Health : 10 detox reflexes to have in spring !

From fitness classes targeted, to foods you should eat, the fitness expert of your gym Pur(e) lists the pro-detox reflex to have now.

Fitness: 5 courses detox friendly
Going back to the gym? Bet everything on fitness activities that wake up the body gently! Draining, they promote the elimination of toxins. Among these detox classes, the Bodybalance™ by Les Mills concept comes first. Thanks to a mix of yoga, Pilates and tai chi, it is particularly effective for softening, strengthening and relaxing.

Another fitness class to adopt for a soft recovery, the Pilates that sheath and sculpts the body. As for yoga, Pur(e) Sport Club in Geneva Champel offers you the choice of 3 courses with complementary virtues: anti-stress yoga to relax, energy yoga to recharge your batteries or yoga Strala for amateurs of more dynamic sequences. To do: drink a green tea after your workout to reinforce the draining effects of the classes.

Food: the 7 detox reflexes of the Pure Sport Club coach
To detoxify the body, no mystery, it is imperative to lower your sugar intakes! The good idea? Replace the refined sugar with honey or agave syrup and forget the chocolate bars instead eat fruits. On the salty side, the coach gives the green light to vegetables.

Organic and steamed, they readily accommodate lemon juice and a drizzle of olive oil. The good idea: spices that give a pleasantly scent. Finally, we avoid at all costs sausages and eat fish instead, white meat and eggs.

Did you know? Black radish, artichoke, dandelion and asparagus promote the drainage of toxins. A detox is needed!

What results do you expect from a detox treatment?
By associating sport and adapted food hygiene, one acts on the general state of the organism. Less stressed, one sleeps better and one assimilates better the food while the aspect of the skin changes.

Farewell gray complexion, the face finds a beautiful shine. Energy and ability to concentrate seem restored. The top: apply these few rules throughout the year to stay fit over time.

Other questions about health, fitness or bodybuilding? Do not hesitate to take advice from the experts of the fitness Pur(e) Sport Club in Geneva Champel!

Photo Credit : Freepik – Texts : Skom.

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