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Bat wings arms : Fitness exercises to get ride of them

The back of the arms became soft is a complex many of us have. To get rid of it, nothing like a program combining bodybuilding, cardio-training and adapted activity. The advice of the fitness expert.

Bat wings arms: Strengthen Triceps
The phenomenon being due to the relaxation of the muscles of the back of arms aka triceps, it is advisable to embark on a toning operation. But how do I isolate this precise area? Several bodybuilding movements stimulate the triceps.

Targeted weight training exercises
Dips consist of supporting the weight of the body in a sitting position. Raise the strength of the arms and descend until the elbows form an angle of 90 °. Intense and reserved for experienced bodybuilding practitioners.

More accessible in semi-recumbent position, the exercise has a variant hands resting on a step behind the buttocks. You tighten your elbows, your legs straight, and you go up and down to the weight of your body, bending your arms.

Finally, many weight machines stimulate the triceps. Traditional guided loads or pulleys thus offer the advantage of being able to modulate the additional weight. The tip: ask a coach if the movement is well done. Note: the area must stretch and burn at the end of the series.

To slim down overall to redraw the arms
Strengthening is good but … to reshape the soft arms, nothing like an activity combining muscle strengthening and cardiovascular effort. Objective: to awaken the body as a whole and trigger a destocking movement of fat.

The courses to practice to reach the goal? Bodypump™, Bodysculpt or TBC are some of the most effective concepts. To test also: the weight training practiced in circuit mode with an alternation between upper and lower body to challenge the cardio.

Review your food hygiene
To bear fruit, physical activity must be practiced 2 to 3 times a week and be accompanied by a healthy diet. We therefore favor fruits and vegetables and good fats (especially omega 3). Beware of fast sugars that should be removed without delay. Finally, for sports snacks, we focus on dried fruits whose benefits are well established.

Crédit photo : Unsplash – Textes : Skom.

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