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Muscle Strengthening

Practice the art
of Bodycombat™ !

Too much energy? Your Pur(e) Geneva Champel fitness center has the ideal fitness solution!

With Bodycombat™, discover a unique fighting activity inspired by martial arts (karate, taekwondo, boxing). Perfect for sharpening your figure while freeing your mind.

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A demanding

Taught by certified Les Mills coaches, this discipline puts the body to the test. The blows (never directed against an opponent) are connected at the speed of lightning while the calories fly away. Stamina, coordination, balance and posture improve with each session.

Pros: the easy weight loss and the soothing effect of Bodycombat ™ exercises.

Advice of the Pur(e) partner

Regularly practiced, Bodycombat ™ gives quick results. Lovers of this type of activity do not hesitate to try a boxing class. It’s a cardio challenge!

Note: Course choreography evolves every trimester to stimulate the body intensely and prevent it from getting used to the effort. Awesome!

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