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Blow off steam

Pole dance
an acrobatic fitness dance

Forget about the sulphurous reputation of pole dance and discover the explanations of your Pur(e) partner about this acrobatic dance.

Challenging and invigorating, the discipline is practiced around a metal bar in your fitness center in Geneva Champel each week. An exceptional activity to test immediately!

pole dance femme

Technical figures
to execute around the vertical bar

Coached by the best pole dance specialists, you discover the many faces of this acrobatic discipline.

Suspended upside down, in rotation or in suspension, you face physical challenges that you do not necessarily think you can. All in music and with lightness. Exhilarating!

Practical information: the skin must be in contact with the metal to adhere to the bar, think about it!

The dance that reshape the silhouette

Pole dance combines the benefits of dance and acrobatic gymnastics. With the super-strengthening effect of suspended figures, it combines a postural benefit and an improvement of balance.

The best of this strong sensations activity: its challenging side that acts as an ego booster and boost self-confidence.

Complementary activities
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