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Nutri Bar & Foodplace
Nutrition Healthy

A unique concept
of food service

As fitness professionals, we share strong beliefs. If good health involves regular physical activity, it also depends on what you put in your plate or shaker.

That’s why our Nutri Bar & Foodplace Miam’s is all about: ensuring you get fit with healthy, tasteful products !


The Nutri Bar is :

– A dietary drink space with supplementation and recovery,

– Healthy products selected for their nutritional qualities,

– Fun and energy snacks at any time,

– Protein recipes special recovery, silhouette, weight gain …


The Miam’s Foodplace is :

– A dietary food service area,

– Elaborate menus to cover the nutrient and energy needs of the adherents,

– Healthy and fresh foods to bring a maximum of vitamins.

Healthy and fresh foods
Dietary recovery
Recovery space
Working area
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